Welcome to Victor Saw Shop – Saw & Tool Sharpening/Grinding

Saw sharpening and grinding for woodworkers and hobbyests, serving Chattanooga, Cleveland, Apison, and North Georgia. We sharpen circular saws, shaper cutters, router bits, linear knives, and more.

Victor Saw is a tool and cutter grinding company with a simple, old-fashioned business ethic: provide the very best at a competitive price, on time, with as little hassle as possible, guaranteed, and do it with a smile!

Blade sharpening tool

All this focus on saws! What about chisels and plane irons? I will be glad to sharpen those as well as lawn mower blades, chainsaw chains, pruners, loppers, high-end hedge trimmers, shears, chipper/shredder knives, axes, hatchets, hunting knives, kitchen knives, scissors (except for hair), router bits, jointer knives, planer knives, and paper shear knives.

I'm sure to have forgotten something. Just call and ask!


Please call or email to talk about your sharpening needs:
sales@victorsaw.com or call (423) 902-9525